Tracks in the snow…

…have left our first steps through Lapland’s landscape.
Our 3-inhabitant village Gasa (Norrbotten) lies just below the Arctic Circle in the triangle between the Arvidsjaur airfield, Slagnäs at the Skellefteälven and Arjeplog at the southern tip of the 70 km long Hornavan, Sweden’s deepest lake (221 meters). For 100 days we can offer white nights, in summer even up to +30 degrees. Snow is guaranteed from November to April – and on the shortest day of the year, 21 December, the sun is still 4 hours above the horizon.
We want our guests to be able to relax here in the cleanest air and at the crystal-clear water with all their senses in solitude, but also to enjoy sports – hiking, gathering mushrooms, canoeing or with our huskies. Join us for a while on our way! We’d be happy to take you with us.

In search of snow

As if stapled, almost ten centimetres of snow have been lying there for days – sometimes a little harsh from the frost, sometimes a little softened by the rain. Not necessarily Huskies dream weather! But the quad is doing its job, and the training tracks on the forest paths are getting longer. But we hope longingly that the ice on the lake will get thicker and we can get the sledges out. In the past years we have been standing on it for a long time. But Katy had a sensational alternative idea with an old wooden sled for children on the forest road – Mora and Finja thought it was great!
Our race team has grown bigger: Clara, Pluto and Vuorij now belong to it. And there were visitors: Tanas dearest buddy Yuma from Switzerland was there. Unfortunately she was in heat and so they were only allowed to cuddle through the fence. Yuma was the kindergarten teacher for our 3 long legs last winter, and the joy of meeting again was great. Although Kasker, Jokki and Falun tower over him in the meantime, he is still the boss when it comes to raving!
Already three long evenings Nastja, Katy and Andreas have fought with a big moose but now it is in the freezers as winter stock. So everything is green for the season, only “real” frost is missing!