Tracks in the snow…

…have left our first steps through Lapland’s landscape.
Our 3-inhabitant village Gasa (Norrbotten) lies just below the Arctic Circle in the triangle between the Arvidsjaur airfield, Slagnäs at the Skellefteälven and Arjeplog at the southern tip of the 70 km long Hornavan, Sweden’s deepest lake (221 meters). For 100 days we can offer white nights, in summer even up to +30 degrees. Snow is guaranteed from November to April – and on the shortest day of the year, 21 December, the sun is still 4 hours above the horizon.
We want our guests to be able to relax here in the cleanest air and at the crystal-clear water with all their senses in solitude, but also to enjoy sports – hiking, gathering mushrooms, canoeing or with our huskies. Join us for a while on our way! We’d be happy to take you with us.

Lapland – a winter fairy tale!

Winter like in fairyland with everything the season has to offer: sun, about one meter of snow, minus 25 or minus 2 degrees, snowstorm… it won’t get boring! The biggest part of our trail-network we have meanwhile prepared – lonely paths over lakes and moors, through forests, over the mountain from which Lapland lies at our feet.
There has never been so much elk-view contact on trails and roads. Fortunately, the giants have always remained at a safe distance from us.
Snow grouses, capercaillie, rabbits, wolverines, lynxes, foxes and reindeer – there is a lot of movement in the forest!
The countdown for the big long-distance competition in February is running slowly. There are still 17 Siberians to choose from – from A for Anouk to Z for Zaino.


Zu unserem Lappland-Tagebuch!