Experience week in the Husky camp

Lapland holidays according to your mood!
After the snow melts, our huskies take a well-deserved summer break, run around in the run or lie lazily in the sun.
During this time you can go on holiday in the camp and relax and make your day according to your wishes. You experience the daily routine in our camp and can be there when we look after and pamper dogs and horses.
Let your soul dangle or go on a photo stalk, collect mushrooms and berries, which are available in abundance. Explore adjacent lakes and rivers by canoe and breathe the silence of untouched nature.
You will be amazed at the colourfulness of the Lapland summer.

During the week of experience we carry out the following tours:
– canoe tour
– Trial riding lesson
– husky hike

7 nights in the guest cabin
guided tours on 3 days

Not included in the price:
Arrival and transfer to the Husky camp
spirit drinks

The active week can be booked from 15th June – 31st August.
An extension of the stay is possible.

580,00 Euro per person and week
250,00 Euro for children up to 12 years

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