Enchanting Lapland
Enchanting Lapland

After several Polar Winter tip visits and a complete season in Lapland it was clear to us: This is it – for our huskies and for us. We have explored the original nature of Lapland with countless tours and taught many guests the basics of dog sledding. We experienced snow storms and blown huts, let ourselves be enchanted by northern lights, cooked at the campfire on Muurikka and of course enjoyed the never-ending spring sun.

The individual design of your stay in Lapland is particularly important to us. This way we can make your very personal Norrland week an unforgettable experience.

If you want to experience the start of the season in late summer, our autumn training week is just the right thing for you.

For guests with little vacation we have the husky day with taster tours and the husky weekend: Lapland and sled dogs cannot be experienced in a more concentrated form.

Our husky weeks, which begin in December and allow our guests to immerse themselves more deeply in the enchanting nature of the Arctic Circle, offer more scope for design.

We will experience the end of winter with breathtaking impressions on our mountain tours, which are almost like expeditions.

The dates for the 2018/19 season have been fixed, individual schedules are still possible.