Forget everything…

… what you know about dogs: Huskies are different. Our “Siberians” love people and like to snuggle, but are by no means suitable for walking. And they rarely bark, but what they do with fervor when they are satisfied: You’re crying. And when wolf howls are heard on the farm, there are usually two reasons: Either Andreas comes to Doro and Prince, Ernie and Batida, the up-and-coming talent Hemingway and his sensitive, clever favourite bitch Havanah, to our “Barby” Darleen, the brothers Cass and Cody and the white, blue-eyed pensioner Aik. New in the pack the puppies of Doro and Prinz – Arzu, Anouk, Adak, Arvid and of course Aisbaer. Our youngest racers Manne and Olaf, Carola, Diana, Antonia and Victoria surprised this winter with record times on the trail behind the young lead dogs Arvid and Anouk.
Absolute abandonment dogs are the experienced Alaskens around leader Uno and the black and white Pippin. The pack includes the racing mice Anna and Point as well as the great Fin, the black Legolas and Raufbold Röde, the red. The little white Alaskan sisters Freya and Finja as well as lead dog Ronja – our climbing mouse – from Norway are distinguished by their unbridled will to run. With the three of them also Freya’s son Felix came to us – a little charmer with blue eyes, who is already pulling hard! Great hopes are pinned on young talent Inari, who by no means lacks self-confidence.
Our racing team is experienced at world and European championships. In the winter of 2012, the Alpentrail was one of the most difficult stage races in Europe, as well as the continental championships.

Coastdevils Huskies
Under the kennel name Coastdevils we breed Siberian Huskies as working dogs.
We are fascinated by the typical Nordic character of these dogs, their originality and their willingness to work. We see it as a great gift to be allowed to live and work with such dogs.
Self-confidently and proudly they surprise us again and again in the most diverse situations with their great potential.
Siberian Huskies are friendly dogs, without any aggressions towards humans and certainly not watchdogs.
Our dogs live in a large, partly covered kennel in the middle of a spacious run with forest, large stones and a stream.
The youngest in the pack were born in June 2017, our seniors are now 14 years old. This mixed age structure provides for good social connection and education in the herd.

We are a member of Svenska Polarhundklubben / Övre Norra.