Long days and bright nights

Short and intense, summer in Lapland. Colourful and full of surprises. Sometimes quiet and lonely, but never boring.
Start looking for your very special summer experience in the far north.
Our camp is surrounded by rivers and lakes full of fish, which invite you to canoe and fish. Only the paddling and the splashing of the waves at the bow interrupt the silence on the water.
Visit our huskies on a kennel tour or experience our bundles of energy on a husky hike.

In August and September you will find many berries and mushrooms in the forests of Lapland. We would be happy to show you the original nature of the north on a berry and mushroom hike.
You can experience the combination of unique nature and endurance training in our running camp Lapland. Improve your personal fitness and create new motivations for your sporting goals.
You will learn the basics of log house construction in Scandinavian construction in our log house construction courses. We draw on a centuries-old Swedish log house building tradition.
Our Isis on the Arctic Circle is another option for your summer holiday in Norrland. The varied terrain around our camp is perfect for rides and multi-day tours. Travelling in the mountains with Icelandic horses is certainly not an everyday experience.

Of course this can also be done on foot: despite its “fame”, the Kungsleden is still an insider tip for lonely hikes in magnificent mountain scenery. On our trekking and hiking tours we are very close to the Arctic Circle and experience the rough beauty of the north.
Or you don’t do anything. Sitting in the sun, reading a book, sometimes getting along without the hustle and bustle of the press. Try it – shift down a gear! Our Lappish “island” Gasa makes it possible. We offer recreation with dogs, horses, canoes, but also without: picking mushrooms and berries, taking pictures of the landscape or simply enjoying the silence.