Weather station Gasa – Live data

Since March 24, 2015, our weather station at Husky Camp Gasa has been regularly sending measured values to various weather networks and to a computer for data processing and further processing. This makes it possible to display live weather data as well as to archive weather data.
Station-height 430m
Location 65°41″,9 ” N / 18°04`00,6″ E


Weather Data Archive

All data of the station since 24.03.2015 are archived here. For the measurement of weather data we use the Davis Vantage Vue wireless weather station with the following sensors: temperature (inside and outside), air pressure, anemometer, rain gauge. The station sends the data every 2.5 seconds to the console for further processing. In addition to the display on the console, the data is processed on the computer and made available to various weather networks. Data is processed by the Raspberry PI 2 B minicomputer, which processes the station’s data using a Meteohub and Meteoplug system. This is followed by an automated upload to our weather server on the Internet or to various weather networks.