Trekking tours at the Arctic Circle

In an area where there are more lakes than inhabitants and silence is part of everyday life, hiking becomes an unforgettable natural experience and a journey to oneself.
We show you the rough beauty of the north on our tours in the mountains under the midnight sun and sometimes also in summer snowstorms.

Kebnekaise – Trekking tour to the roof of Sweden
Our destination lies beyond 67 degrees of latitude: 150 km north of the Arctic Circle, the glaciated summit pyramid of Kebnekaise rises into the Arctic sky. North of the latitude on which Kebnekaise lies, there are no higher mountains in all of Eurasia. Due to its special location, on a clear day you can see about 10% of the entire Swedish territory from the summit, which is more than the entire area of Switzerland. But before this view lies a longer way.
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Mountain tour to Pieljekaise
You can’t miss him: The peak of the Pieljekaise (Sami for “Ohrenberg”) with its steep cliffs greets hikers from afar. 1133m high it sits enthroned in the national park of the same name above Jäkkvik and the passing Kungsleden.
We set off on a tour with many beautiful views.
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Hike to Välbmapuoda
Almost at our front door the treeless summit of Välbma awaits us. The right hike for a sunny afternoon or a summit tour under the midnight sun.
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