Husky & Canoe Camp

In the triangle between Sorsele, Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur we found a place we were not looking for. It was love at first sight.
The house is situated directly at a smaller lake, which has connection to the large lakes of the surroundings rich in fish. For Kerstin, who was born and grew up directly on a lake in Feldberg/Mecklenburg, a circle closes here. Andreas grew up with canoe and dinghy.
About 500 meters from our shore is a small island. The property is surrounded by a lot of forest in a fascinating landscape. Birches and taiga spruce predominate here.
The camp has a large kennel, pastures for horses and a barn. The kennel complex stands in a very large runout with shady trees, large stones and a stream. Lots of space for our dogs to romp and relax. For our older dogs a kind of “senior citizens’ residence” is being built. For Tatra and Aik, for example, who have run absolutely reliably hundreds of kilometres in front of the car and the sled for us and our guests on tours and competitions. They should also enjoy their retirement with us.
Have you become curious?

65°41″,9 ” N / 18°04`00,6″ E is our location.