About us

Andreas was born in Saxony and is a graduate sports scientist. He has worked as a trainer in high-performance sport since 1981. Before that, he was at home on the long haul himself.
His biggest hobby used to be climbing, he has conquered several 7000m peaks and worked in Australia for a long time. Today he manages the camp, works as a web designer, gives lectures and seminars. He loves sailing, always has new ideas and is constantly challenged with new craftsmanship.
He has been active in sled dog sport for 8 years. With his Siberian Huskys he finished third in the 6-dog class in the middle distance at the European Championship 2011 and fourth in the World Championship 2012. The same team mastered the Alpentrail, one of the most difficult stage races in Europe. He is currently building up a new racing team with his own offspring and has already infected many “newcomers” with the “husky virus”.
Andreas is in training as a dog trainer, speaks German, English, Swedish and some Russian.

Kerstin, a real Mecklenburger from Feldberg, studied in Leipzig and worked as a journalist for the daily newspaper for 31 years.
Grown up with a cat and rabbit and a large garden, she still loves farming on her own plaice, only her cuddly toys have become bigger: Horses and dogs.
She speaks German, English, a little Swedish, French, Russian and Polish and has been working as a freelance journalist since 2013. She enjoys riding, sailing, paddling, reading and nibbling, is a riding guide and assistant trainer (FN) as well as a specialist in riding tourism. Kerstin likes working with children and is writing a book. On her favourite horse and the dog sled she would love to stop time…
Where we are, Grizzly and Scotty should not be missing. Grizzly is a Germanic bear dog, 10 years old, very large and black and with impressive voice volume. Grizzly’s best friend is Scotty, an Australian Shepard, also 10 years old, incredibly fast and avid ski jöring lead dog.