Tips for our tours

Packing list and information for our sled dog tours in Lapland
Before we experience together the original nature in the wilderness of Lapland, we have put together a few tips for you. Clothing naturally plays an important role in the dry continental climate of the North. The “onion principle” has proven particularly effective in this respect. Wearing several layers of clothing on top of each other has the advantage of being able to adapt better to the respective touring situation. Beside things of the personal need the following things should find place:
– Sea bag, rucksack or packsack, if possible no suitcases (only valid for mountain tours)
– a cap or fur cap that completely covers your ears,
– thin finger gloves in combination with a thicker, well lined mitten,
– a scarf / scarf,
– thin socks to change,
– thick wool socks,
– Thermo underwear, merino wool is particularly suitable,
– thinner fleece or wool sweaters,
– warm fleece jacket/jumper or wool sweater ,
– weather- and winterproof anorak / parka (windproof and breathable),
– well lined winter shoes or boots (preferably with felt pinnacle shoe),
. a pair of sneakers or slippers,
– Sleeping bag,
– Towels,
– cross-country ski boots (for Salomon binding – SNS), if required,
– Headlamp, spare batteries
– Lip balm, sun cream (from February/March),
– Ski goggles, sunglasses with UV protection (from February / March),
The equipment for our summer and autumn tours is of course somewhat less extensive, but should in any case also include wind- and waterproof clothing and also works according to the multi-layer principle.
Download our packing list (PDF)