Mountain tour to Pieljekaise

You can’t miss him: The peak of the Pieljekaise (Sami for “Ohrenberg”) with its steep cliffs greets hikers from afar. 1133m high it sits enthroned in the national park of the same name above Jäkkvik and the passing Kungsleden.
We set off on a tour with many beautiful views.
Starting point of our mountain hike is Jäkkvik, where we follow the Kungsleden to the west. We slowly but steadily ascend through romantic birch forests until we finally leave the tree zone and turn off towards Pieljekaise.
A panorama interspersed with lakes and forests lies at our feet.
In good weather conditions, the summit offers a view as far as the Norwegian border mountains.

The hike is not demanding, but you should have a certain degree of fitness, be sure-footed in alpine terrain and want to be on the move in all weather conditions.

Necessary equipment:
– weatherproof trekking clothing
– day pack
– solid mountain / trekking shoes
– Drinking bottle ( approx. 1 liter )

– Transfer to Jäkkvik and back to the Husky camp
– guided mountain tour
– Snack after return to Husky camp

Participants: from 2 persons
Price: 1250 SEK / person
Dates: bookable as day tour from mid-June to mid-September

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National park

Pieljekaise National Park is located south of Jäkkvik in the municipality of Arjeplog. It was established in 1909 to preserve montane, primeval birch forest in its natural state around the mountain of the same name and today covers 153.4 square kilometres.